You may be familiar with rubbing ink, it comes in a rectangular stick and costs about $9. You may not be as familiar with Stones Rubbing Crayon. It comes in a round disc shape and has a sticker price of $3.50. From this description you would think that they are very different from each other. They are very different but at the same time they are not. Confused? Here's the story.

The similarities:

Both rubbing ink and Stones Rubbing Crayon are designed to be used in a similar way, either by rubbing the crayon on a piece of cloth, chamois or your finger and applying it to the plate or stone to give a soft smokey tone. They may also be used as a drawing tool directly on the printing element. They can be smudged or smeared to give a variety of qualities. 

The differences:

  • Stones Rubbing Crayon is not soluble in water; Rubbing ink is.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon is a round disc shape that fits in your palm; Rubbing Ink is rectangular.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon costs $3.50 each; Rubbing Ink about $9.00.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon lays down smooth and evenly. Rubbing ink lays down a tone faster but is much more difficult to control.



The Stones Crayons advantages:

  • Stones Rubbing Crayon is not dissolved by water and can be used with water washes or even counter etched.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon does not dissolve in your hand from body heat and moisture.
  •  Stones Rubbing Crayon won't smear when the first etch is applied and buffed.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon is cleaner to use and easier to etch and gives better results.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon fits in the palm of your hand for better control.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon is forgiving and lays down smoother tonal values.
  • Stones Rubbing Crayon is about 1/3 the price of others!
The whole point is simple... We believe that Stones Rubbing Crayon is your best choice.